Jan. 6

This post is an attempt to come to some preliminary thoughts about the capitol intrusion today. Writing this post is an attempt for me to get one more measure of clarity on what I think, as opposed to how I feel. I don't want to indulge what I feel right now too much. Perhaps that... Continue Reading →

Survey Results

In an attempt to break out of my pandemic-induced-information-vacuum-bubble I asked the congregation to fill out a brief 9-question survey. My goals for the survey were simple, find some rudimentary gauge for attitudes and preferences for the congregation. I think the survey succeeded in providing this data. Granted, the survey wasn't scientific and the questions... Continue Reading →

Being Honest About My Lies

One of the side effects of putting my sermons online is that of lying more than I usually do. I lie about what the room I'm recording in looks like. I lie about how well I know the material I'm presenting. I lie about how loud the street outside is. I lie about how much... Continue Reading →

90 Days of Warm Fuzzy Facts

I've decided to view our YouTube analytics favorably. I've made this decision in part because I have nothing to compare these statistics to. Churches weren't exactly doing rigorous engagement-data collection before. In fact, back when we were meeting in person if you were awake during the sermon, I chalked that up as a positive. So... Continue Reading →

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