Another Year End Review

This set of articles comes from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership out of Wesley Seminary in Washington, D. C. The Lewis Center is a long-trusted source of research, thinking, and developing curriculum to help churches function at their best. My hope in posting them is that you can see where we at Skyland are... Continue Reading →

Year End Leadership Review

The WNC Conference has an excellent Leadership Development Team. Among the things this team does is to publish a monthly leadership newsletter for church leaders. In December they publish a "best of" list. I wanted to share that list with you and let you know about the newsletter in case you care to subscribe. Some... Continue Reading →

Ministry in the Time of COVID-19

I was meeting with our Executive Team of church leaders when the weekly topic of coronavirus came up. The proverbial 2x4 of the obvious hit me during the discussion that Skyland UMC is operating with a set of understandings that need to be made explicit from time to time. I offer this column as a... Continue Reading →

Fall Worship Schedule

Introduction Since 1992 I can name on one hand the number of times, prior to 2020, that I changed the standing worship schedule for a congregation. At one appointment we changed only the time for a new service that we added to the existing schedule. At another appointment we merely tinkered with the existing schedule... Continue Reading →

Jan. 6

This post is an attempt to come to some preliminary thoughts about the capitol intrusion today. Writing this post is an attempt for me to get one more measure of clarity on what I think, as opposed to how I feel. I don't want to indulge what I feel right now too much. Perhaps that... Continue Reading →

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