Being Honest About My Lies

One of the side effects of putting my sermons online is that of lying more than I usually do. I lie about what the room I'm recording in looks like. I lie about how well I know the material I'm presenting. I lie about how loud the street outside is. I lie about how much... Continue Reading →

90 Days of Cold Hard Facts

Since the Ides of March, our congregation has uploaded all worship material to YouTube, about 220 videos in all. For 18 Sundays now, we have not worshipped together in person. We are no longer complete newbies to YouTube, yet we are still far away from the sophistication of having thousands of subscribers. I thought that... Continue Reading →

A Salute to Eric

Broadcast technology has now been democratized. Anyone and everyone can make videos and post them for all the world to see. Yet, like so many other things in life, expertise in this area has not been so equally distributed. I consider myself an intermediate photographer. I have the equipment necessary to make videos and post... Continue Reading →

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