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The Gospel According to Saturday Night Live

I enjoy Saturday Night Live. It is one of the earliest shows I can remember watching. I’m sure my parents must have known that I was watching the show in my room on a small black and white TV, but bless them, they let me. Naturally I tuned in last night to see most of […]

One Author’s Insight on Boundaries

When you meet powerful men or just read about them in the newspapers, you see that they don’t have a sense of boundaries. And that goes from, ‘Well, let’s go kick some butt in Syria,’ to, ‘Oh, look at that beautiful woman. I want her. She’s mine’. But when you see a family malfunction, all […]

Is comic Jim Gaffigan the Catholic Church’s newest evangelizer?

Is comic Jim Gaffigan the Catholic Church’s newest evangelizer?. Why is it that cultural images of  people whose faith is simply a normal part of their lives are so rare? Garrison Keillor is one of the few whose church life is such a normal and typical part of his stories, that it doesn’t seem odd […]