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The Gospel According to Saturday Night Live

I enjoy Saturday Night Live. It is one of the earliest shows I can remember watching. I’m sure my parents must have known that I was watching the show in my room on a small black and white TV, but bless them, they let me. Naturally I tuned in last night to see most of […]

My Daughter’s Rebellious Confirmation, Or Why I Now Sympathize With Country Clubs

 I have a fine daughter of whom I am very proud. Her name is Lucy. But, through no fault of her own, she has grown up as the product of an interdenominational clergy couple. She has always known and been a part of two neighbor congregations simultaneously. Lucy is at the age and inclination to […]

Self-regulation over Self-care

Much has been published about clergy self-care. Most of what I have come across makes the simple point that if I am in better shape, then I can be more effective as a pastor. A smaller portion of the material reminds me that God doesn’t need me to die for anyone; that’s already been handled. […]