A Salute to Eric

Broadcast technology has now been democratized. Anyone and everyone can make videos and post them for all the world to see. Yet, like so many other things in life, expertise in this area has not been so equally distributed. I consider myself an intermediate photographer. I have the equipment necessary to make videos and post... Continue Reading →

Fear of Moire

Moire Effect The moire effect happens when one or more patterns are overlaid. The result looks like some kind of mathematical equation. The effect commonly occurs when someone on video is wearing a finely striped shirt. The lines of the shirt cross the lines of the video screen in a way that makes the result... Continue Reading →

Such Synchronicity

My daughter asked me how I interpret our new national experience theologically. Maybe the best thing to do is to try to not make too much sense of all this. Alas, my brain will seek out a puzzle even when one is not there. Gil Rendle writes, "It's not a problem if it can't be... Continue Reading →

Listening to Digital Pews

This morning is weird for me. As much as I enjoy a leisurely morning, I am missing Sunday worship. Looking on the bright side, the involuntary opportunity before us is to explore what role the digital age can play in our faith. Since I'm writing this when I would ordinarily be in worship, my question... Continue Reading →

Apart Together

Every 6-8 years I start a new blog. A pandemic seems like as good a time as any to try again. I'm writing with my congregation at Skyland UMC in mind. I'm interested in what you're doing with your quarantines, what you're doing with your children at home, what you're doing with the 127 rolls... Continue Reading →

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