Fast and Slow

One way I have experienced the impact of COVID-19 is the sensation that my work is simultaneously required to be both faster and slower than usual. The need to have a rapid response came primarily in regards to worship and other church gatherings. Skyland decided on a Friday (the 13th) not to hold worship the... Continue Reading →

Make It Specific

I've been hearing this sentence with increasing frequency, "What about the people who aren't on the internet?" It's a caring sentiment in a time of mandated isolation. As the rest of us are connecting through email, blogs, Facebook, YouTube, and live streaming, the questioner typically feels as though those without use of the internet are... Continue Reading →

What Are You Learning?

No, I'm not talking grand metaphysical lessons or relational mysteries. I'm interested in hobbies, books, home improvement, musical instruments, technology, cooking, gardening, etc. What are you doing at home that you were not doing before the zombie attack? Everyone in my family of origin knits, except me. I'm taking an online Photoshop challenge. My wife... Continue Reading →


I'm trying to be thoughtful about using the internet so much these days. Being in front of the computer more than usual, and posting videos of sermons are different experiences for me, physically, theologically, technically, and spiritually. I feel a little like I've been swimming in a lap pool, and now I can only swim... Continue Reading →

People to Pray For

The staff at Skyland took a moment to think of groups of people for whom we can pray. Here is the list we came up with. Please pray for people who work in the following areas. Add to the list in the comments. Health Care Public Safety Grocery Service Industry Educators Wage Workers Civil Servants... Continue Reading →

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