Local Via Dolorosa

For my confreres, parishioners, and friends to use as you see fit. The Via Dolorosa is a traditional route of pilgrimage through Jerusalem. The route commemorates Jesus' final hours from arrest to the crucifixion. This simplified local route is approximately the same length as that which Jesus took in Jerusalem from the Garden of Gethsemane... Continue Reading →

Giving Good Directions

Giving good directions is hard. One reason I enjoy using GPS in my car is that it bypasses the poor directions that other people tend to give. Giving good directions demands an objective frame of mind so that the instructions are not dependent upon any one person's experience or frame of reference. Most of us... Continue Reading →

Zoned for Indoor Forts

I am imagining reading the following MLS entry someday soon: For Sale: 1,100 sq. ft. Asheville bungalow. Features include 3BR, 1 bath, LR, chef's kitchen, photography and video production studio, home school classroom, ballet studio, home gym, sun porch, home office, rec. room, library, home spa, bowling alley, indoor velodrome, home theater, coffee nook, secret... Continue Reading →

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