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Did Jesus Ever Stage A House?

My teeth are set on edge. I’m stressed out. It’s constantly on my mind. I’m selling my house. To do so, while we are still living in it, requires me to adopt the mindset that the house no longer belongs to me. I’m now a squatter, living in someone else’s house, who could arrive at…

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As I get ready to move to Asheville and begin as pastor of a new church, I’m starting to develop a list of questions. I know that these types of existential questions can only be answered by looking within, but I thought that if I wrote them down it would help me to think more…

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Strawberries and playoffs

I can’t control what becomes meaningful in my life and what doesn’t. Twenty two years ago I was visiting my wife in the hospital everyday. She was bravely lying down at an inverted angle with her head below her feet. The most advanced medicine for keeping the twins from making an early appearance was gravity.…

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I know where grief goes

I was grieving a loss. What to do? I would try to get to my soul through my body. My wife once gave me that wisdom. But In my grief I thought it was my idea. I dropped some bucks on a personal trainer. The online intake form asked what my fitness goals were. I…

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My immediate task is to move. I’m to put everything I have on a truck. Big job, not to be undertaken lightly. My immediate subtask is to disassemble these shelves so that they can go away instead of on the truck with me. As the power driver was whining out another fastener, it occurred to…

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