Year End Leadership Review

The WNC Conference has an excellent Leadership Development Team. Among the things this team does is to publish a monthly leadership newsletter for church leaders. In December they publish a “best of” list. I wanted to share that list with you and let you know about the newsletter in case you care to subscribe.

Some of these articles were written with the audience of a pastor in mind, but I think they are still applicable to all church leaders. I bet you will find something on this list to get your brain started.

 Volume 93: Best of the Best 2021DECEMBER 2021 “The choicest of the first fruits of your ground you shall bring into the house of the Lord your God.” – Exodus 23:19aIn the December edition of E-LEAD, we offer the “best of” the year.  We hope you will enjoy re-reading the most popular resources in 2021. Thank you to everyone who contributed to and who read E-LEAD this year!

Innovating Into an Unknown Future As we end 2021, “we stand on the precipice of a future that will behave significantly different from the past.” “We don’t have the language to describe a desired future state.” “Innovation begins with naming the driving questions that will shape the next season of ministry.” Susan Beaumont offers suggestions for facing these adaptive challenges… MORE! 

A Healthy Relationship between Pastor and Staff-Parish Team Rev. Billy Rintz, Retired WNCUMC Pastor A healthy relationship between the pastor and Staff-Parish Team can make a huge difference, for it not only builds up the pastor’s ministry but filters through to the spiritual health of the congregation.  How does such a relationship come about?  Here are a few ideas… MORE!

The Secret Reason Why Good Churches Die by: Rebekah Simon-Peter Why do good churches die?  I’m not talking about churches that have an apparent fatal flaw like mean or nasty 
people, terrible location, clergy sexual misconduct, uninspiring worship, or the like. Churches can and do recover from all of those things.  No, I’m talking about good churches that care about people, hold decently inspiring and cohesive services, are doing their best to reach out and respond to a changing world, are led by a committed leader, and are backed up by laity who truly care. Good churches. Why do they die?Theories abound, including changing demographics, young people leaving the church or not being raised in church at all, the rise in the spiritual but not religious crowd, the appearance of “nones” and “dones”–those that have no religious affiliation or once did but have now retired from the church, and the changing culture around us.  Yes, these factors all play a part.  But churches can and do transcend these factors too…MORE!

The Big Church Leadership Mistake of 2021Many of us long for the days before the quarantine. In retrospect, our churches were full and maybe even growing. And as tempting as it is, we may want to jump back in as if the pandemic never happened. But the world has radically changed since then and if we are going to thrive again we need to change with it. Carey Nieuwhof reminds us of 5 things that we’ll miss if we step back into that old mindset…MORE!

Three Steps to a Better Offering Many of our churches miss their weekly opportunity to deepen their theology and culture of generosity while celebrating how the church is changing lives with the love of God…MORE!

Gen Z is keeping the faith. Just don’t expect to see them at worship. by Josh Packard Given the decline in attendance at houses of worship and the so-called rise of nones, it might come as a surprise that the majority of young people say they are spiritual and/or religious…MORE
The Western North Carolina Conference Leadership Development Team wishes you a Joy-Full Christmas and a New Year to anticipate with hope.   SEARCH THE LEAD WEBSITE FOR MORE RESOURCES

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