A Salute to Eric

Broadcast technology has now been democratized. Anyone and everyone can make videos and post them for all the world to see. Yet, like so many other things in life, expertise in this area has not been so equally distributed.

I consider myself an intermediate photographer. I have the equipment necessary to make videos and post them to the internet. (Who doesn’t?) Every time I do so I feel like something has gone horribly wrong. The lighting is poor, the sound is unintelligible, the framing is painful, and the time it takes, oh the time. On average, I suppose it takes me anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to produce one minute of video. That time includes writing, setting up my one man production gear, editing on the computer, and uploading.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s fun. I enjoy doing it. It’s just that the people on local broadcast TV make it look so easy. My friend from college Eric is a professional. He’s been on-air for years. I don’t know how they do it. I realize that it’s a crew of people, with a studio, with state of the art equipment, and professional people doing this all day. But, still. To produce hours and hours of video, both live and recorded, is mind-boggling to me.

The late-night hosts are now taping segments from home. Presumably they are doing this work solo. I suspect they can still upload unedited video to a professional editor. Nonetheless, they are turning out daily video taped with iPads that is quality stuff. They all make it look easy.

Meanwhile, during this days of pandemic, I will continue to turn out content be it ever so humble. I’m grateful that anyone would suffer through it. The perfectionist in me even has a little more patience and mercy for all the other preachers out there who are making videos that have the ceiling as a background, that are taped in front of a bright window, and that sound like they are in a warehouse. Eric, I salute you and all your kind. You are all artists.

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