I’m a pastor, not a…

Dr. McCoy Defines Himself

I like this montage of Dr. McCoy defining himself for a couple of reasons at this time. The first reason is that Dr. McCoy knows who he is. He knows what his lane is, where his wheelhouse is. As I’ve thought about what types of announcements to make as a pastor, I need to remember that I AM NOT A DOCTOR. While I have some opinions, I think that there is ample qualified medical advice out there already. I won’t be posting videos on how to wash your hands. I won’t be selling vitamin supplements. Nor will I be diagnosing anyone. When I make decisions on behalf of the congregation, I will do so reflecting the best information I have from trusted experts.

The second thing I like about this video is that despite his protest, Dr. McCoy is still there in unfamiliar territory. He is still in situations he wasn’t trained for and he adapts to them. I never took a class in seminary on pandemic response. I don’t remember any Bible verses about blogging. And even during the summer I served as a hospital chaplain, I don’t remember learning anything about what to do when the entire congregation is isolating from one another. Yet, here we are, and here we can adapt.

Dr. McCoy found his way through space. The Israelites found their way through the wilderness. The early church found a way through Roman rule. The church of the middle ages found their way through black plague. We too will find a way to follow Jesus in the days of a novel virus. The Holy Spirit continues to lead, inspire, and comfort through the ages.

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  1. my mom used to say ” Don’t worry about it, We’ll get thru this too. You’ll see it’ll be alright .” She usually was right. I seem to hear her more and more these days. She truly was a woman of faith.

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