Apart Together

Every 6-8 years I start a new blog. A pandemic seems like as good a time as any to try again. I’m writing with my congregation at Skyland UMC in mind. I’m interested in what you’re doing with your quarantines, what you’re doing with your children at home, what you’re doing with the 127 rolls of toilet paper you bought this week, and I’m interested in what you might want to learn from this blog. Of course, all comers are welcome.

There used to be toilet paper on these shelves. Picture taken 3.14.2020

I could teach a brief class with this blog. I could reflect on my own experience. I could simply provide an encouraging word. I could share wisdom and interesting trivia. I suppose I’m simply trying to find a way to connect with people who may be a little more disconnected than usual. Of course it’s all possible things could go back to “normal” quickly. But it looks like we will at least have a few weeks together. So chime in.

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  1. It really hasn’t sunken in yet in the Hansen home but it’s about to. Both boys no school and a husband rotating 2 weeks in office 2 weeks working from home. It’s about to get real!

    1. So grateful for electronic devises – [that is a new experience for me].
      Also new – I’ve never blogged before
      Our stay-at-home Sunday has included Joy’s and Lance’s encouraging posts, and completing 2020 census form.
      Dan, a group Bible based study would be welcome to stay in touch while at home.

      1. Thanks Thelma. The best I’ve come up with so far is an online study. The info. about it will be in Friday’s email, and is in the video I posted to YouTube and Facebook yesterday. Send me an email apart from the blog and I’ll send you the details.

  2. The drummer and I spent the day cleaning together (why not). Then a rare quiet Saturday evening. Saturday is generally his practice night! Figuring this out as we go. Enjoy your Sunday morning!

  3. Happy Sunday morning to all! Church family, we will miss worshipping with you today. This new reality is a strange place to be. Prayers for all to stay safe and well and that life returns to “normal” soon. Thank you for using all resources to enable us to stay connected.

  4. Dan, thanks for reaching out. I take comfort in knowing that SUMC is there for us. Any of the options that you offered—teaching, reflection, encouragement, wisdom and trivia—would be welcome as a way to stay in touch. (What would you like to share?) I’ve already ‘attended’ Joy’s sermon, and am looking forward to yours next Sunday.
    Thanks again!

  5. I am grateful for Joy’s outdoor sermon beside flowing water. It was great to be able to pause and read the scripture and even go back to hear a point again. In person is invaluable, but at this time of staying isolated, shared worship is vital. For me, Lent is the most important part of the year. The time to reflect inward will be accentuated even more. I anticipate hearing more from you Pastor Dan, it is all good.

    1. If the Spirit moves you, I would love to hear some wisdom/preaching or blogging on two separate topics:
      1–Love your neighbor

  6. This has been an opportunity to remember that the old lady we sneaks between me and my mirror every morning is not really a stranger. She is the person who has taught me through the years to listen to my doctor and other experts. She is the one who has proven to me again and again and again that I must face life’s challenges depending on Jesus. Even though I am 18 in my brain the rest of my body has tagged along with that old lady through some hard times. File this response under Lessons in Humility.

  7. Good morning, all. Thank you, Dan and Joy, for your blog and sermon to help keep us connected; loved them both! I found yesterday’s “JESUS CALLING” reading to be quite fitting: ‘The voices of the world are a cacophony of chaos, pulling you this way and that. Don’t listen to those voices; challenge them with My Word. Learn to take minibreaks from the world, finding a place to be still in My Presence and listen to My voice.’ The trails in the woods are still open; take advantage of them! I can’t help but think that our earth is using this opportunity to take a deep cleansing breath from all we humans dump into it each day. May all of us, even in the midst of very real and serious concerns for our loved ones and fellow humans, take a deep breath, the Spirit. He refreshes and renews. On a lighter note, I’m still waiting, and hoping, for Sharon’s “cleaning bug” to take hold of me:)

    1. Thanks for reminding us of the deep spiritual resources of creation. I shouldn’t be allowed to preach unless I’ve had at least an hour in the woods every week.

  8. Well, I wrote a goodun but somehow I couldn’t put it on here. So This is a test … Testing, testing, 123 ?

  9. I’m not savvy on the computer. I’m learning though. About my self Quarantine I’ve learned to be quiet and listen. My son is 750 miles away and of course I worry , but my faith tells me leave it for God to sort out. After all I have no control over it. I do have 2 cats and I’m learning their language. My Big Boi had the biggest lesson for me. He was laid out in his fluffy bed I gave him and hadn’t a worry in the world. We get caught up in this fast place world and though I’m not saying I enjoy this compromise, I’m more like embracing it. Maybe this is a lesson for all of us to go back to a simpler time where we spend time with each other at home. To lay down in the backyard and look at the shapes of clouds. Play cards together and look at old photographs and share stories of our youth with the kids. Me, I’d love to go fish. I had a bayou right behind my house. Mornings consisted of cup o coffee and a fishing rod , funny, so did my evenings. I miss that stuff !

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