Did Jesus Ever Stage A House?

My teeth are set on edge. I’m stressed out. It’s constantly on my mind. I’m selling my house. To do so, while we are still living in it, requires me to adopt the mindset that the house no longer belongs to me. I’m now a squatter, living in someone else’s house, who could arrive at any minute to view what’s hers. 

The house went on the market on a Thursday. My wife and I spent all day hiding things, cleaning things, arranging things, and otherwise paying way more attention to our surroundings than we ever did while we lived our normal lives here. At about 8:30 that evening, we decided to go out for ice cream. We left the house like we normally did, some cleaning supplies were left out, the trash wasn’t emptied, and every light in the house was turned off. 

On the way to the newest, hippest ice cream parlor in town, we got a text. Someone wanted to see the house from 8:40 to 8:55. Showings officially ended at 9pm. We had to decline. There was no way to get back, tidy up, and be ready. Who doesn’t give the requested one-hour notice? Who sees a house on the market at 8:40? Were we turning down some hot cash? 

We’ve had normally scheduled showings since. (Please God, let someone buy our house.) But that first notification made me scared to leave the TV room with the remotes out on the ottoman. I now hate to leave the bathroom with a wet sink. I’m afraid to use so much as a spoon, especially if the dishwasher is running. I want the house to be perfect in case we get another short notice showing. 

Jesus told us to be ready for the kingdom. He told us to be found hard at work. He told us that no one knows the hour. He told us to watch. I confess, that if I were to live my life as a Christian like the sale of my house depended on it, my life would be different. 

Matthew 25:13 (NRSV) Keep awake therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour. Lord, keep me awake to your notifications and arrival in my life. 

Lord, keep me awake to your notifications and arrival in my life. 


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